Davide Frisoni
Massimo Ghinelli
Since 1987 we are specialized on design and technical support at 360 degrees for the creation of every kinds of public and commercial venues with emphasis on catering, entertainment, beverage and hospitality. Over than twenty years of experience and high technical professionalism achieved, allows us to design your tailor-made venue premise and coordinate all phases of the development until the inauguration. The network of collaboration with the best companies and manufacturers allows us to provide a range of solutions in according to the specific customer requirements as well as to put him in the right conditions to buy the products .at source., thus avoiding expensive steps from the production to the commercial network. This flexibility has enabled us over the years to create original and successful venues for both large groups and small entrepreneurs. The process begins with the research of venue.s layouts (files and-or paper sheets) like plants sections, prospects, photographs and the identification of the final target to meet the expectations of the customer. On the basis of the acquired documentation it possible to proceed in the preparation of plant layout that, subject to the customer view, will be able to apply any changes or additions to reach the final version: from this will be born the three-dimensional model where is possible to evaluate the functional and aesthetic features of venue .finished. and make further changes if appropriate. Now that the buyer sees his venue as planned and desired, the next step is the production of executive detailed boards such furniture layout, demolitions-constructions, lighting-audio and plumbing layout, sewage and implementation of factory parts including furniture and their specifications, essential elements to subcontract the production works to executive companies: our task is indeed put in competition different firms of our and your trust, on the basis of the technical produced documentation in order to obtain the best value/market price comparison. In the same way we shall also put in direct contact with manufacturers of accessories/items/technical equipment/audio/lighting and whatever else is considered necessary to complete the work. After subcontracted the works, they will be performed by contractors selected under our constant supervision and in accordance with technical boards we produce, so as to obtain a work entirely in line with expectations. The technical assistance of course continues at all stages of processing and assembly on site until the opening of the venue. In the last years there is also a more frequently demand of design of logo, name search and implementation of coordinate graphics that we are able to provide as a service added to complete the venue's new image.