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Gelizia Beach 1

Italian Ice Cream & Pastry Shop

Las Canteras, Las Palmas - Canarias (Spagna) | 2010

Gelizia, a well known brand in Las Palmas thanks to the undisputed quality of its italian artisan ice creams, has opened two more venues on the most popular seaside at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria island.

GELIZIA BEACH 1 proposes, in addition to ice cream, crepes and pastries to eat takeaway or comfortably sit at tables on the promenade and offers a linear modern/minimal and colourful interior design.
Gelizia Beach 2 enjoys a larger location and offers a wide range of italian delights as ice cream, smoothies, batidos, pastries but also traditional snacks such as pastries, piada, cakes, and savoury snacks.

The interior design is characterized by a combination of traditional elements with modern minimal lines and innovative materials: the venue has a room more reserved divided by the front area with wooden aged walls with niches in and lacquered panels.
The long front bar counter with ice cream in Corian enriched by embossing, perfectly contrasts the old wooden bar counter, the common denominator is the coating with assorted colours that we can found both in sales area and in the reserved room.

The decoration of two rooms is complemented by the clever play of lights on the floor, wall and ceiling, specially designed to enhance the play of volumes and the overall architecture.